Baby Skeleton Costume Discount

Baby Skeleton Costume Discount

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Skeleton Crew

The minimum number of children required to make trick-or-treating happen is one. Until recently, you were utterly unable to get Halloween operating on all levels. Costumes, bowls of candy to giveaway, and a killer spooky soundtrack were fine. But without being able to go out trick-or-treating, the holiday just didn’t feel the same. Now, though, you have a baby! And they’re more than happy to join your Halloween skeleton crew! They have no problem smiling at neighbors to receive a treat, and as long as they’re fed and put to bed at a reasonable time, they’ve promised not to strike next Halloween. In fact, if this year goes the way they’ve been told it will, your little one has agreed to stay on the team for years to come! The only thing missing is a costume to ensure their first Halloween makes the right impression.

Product Description

Get the newest member of your team looking their best for the job with this Infant Skeleton Costume! This three-piece ensemble starts with a pinstriped jumpsuit that features a sewn-on bowtie and cumberbund that keep your little one looking sharp all Halloween night. The skull and top hat headpiece is soft-sculpted and fiber-filled, making it plush and comfortable to wear. Finishing off the costume is an included pair of booties that give your sweet skeleton the look of boney feet while keeping their toes protected from the chilly October air! In sizes from 0 to 24 months, this costume may become a favorite for more than their first Halloween celebration!

Spooky Cutie

Whether you’re running a skeleton crew through the neighborhood this Halloween or your entire family is taking on trick-or-treating, this Skeleton Costume for infants is the perfect blend of spooky and cute and is sure to delight!