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Hot Dog Pursuit at the Family Barbecue

Officer H-95320: Breaker. Breaker. This is officer hot dog niner fifty-three twenty. We have a hot pursuit in progress. Suspect was caught red-handed taking bratwurst from the picnic table at the family barbecue. Suspect is a small, furry dog-like creature. Goes by the alias, Spot. Suspect is slobbery and friendly. Proceeding with extreme caution.

Dispatcher: Copy that Officer H-95320.

Officer H-95320: Ahh, suspect is licking my face and has serious bratwurst breath. Officer hot dog niner fifty-three twenty requesting backup!

Dispatcher: Roger. Sending a unit to provide backup! Officer H-95320, what is your status?

Officer H-95329: Cancel that, dispatch. I was able to distract the suspect with a tennis ball. Suspect is wagging his tail at me. I’m going to take him back to the family barbecue.

Dispatch: Copy that officer. Good work!

Design & Details

With this kids cop costume, your child can patrol the family picnic, or keep order at the next costume party! This classic costume comes with a dark blue shirt with a button up front. The front of the shirt has 2 chest pockets and even features an attached badge on the chest and another badge on the sleeve. The matching pants have an elastic waistband for fitting. The included black belt is adjustable and made of a faux leather material. The tie fits easily with an elastic band, so there’s no fiddling with a fancy Windsor knot to get that professional look. Finally, the hat comes with a badge that can be pinned to the front for an authentic look.

Rookie of the Force

You can send your child on a mission to bring in the family dog, or you can send your child off trick or treating! With this authentic-looking costume, your young rookie will be an advocate for the law while wearing it.