Frida Kahlo Flower Headband for Adults Online sales

Frida Kahlo Flower Headband for Adults Online sales
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Flower Power

I paint flowers so they will not die. -Frida Kahlo

Frida loved flowers. Vibrant blooms adorned her canvases, but she was most well known for tucking blossoms into her braids to create her signature hairdo. Some say she did this to detract from her lower body, wrecked from her accident and polio, but others think it was simply part of her personal style and creative "brand." Either way, Kahlo's hair is almost as iconic as her art, and you can't pull off a successful Frida Kahlo costume without nailing the hairstyle!

This Frida Kahlo Flower Headband for Adults is ready and waiting to top off your Frida costume so you can take the art—and Halloween—world by storm.

Design & Details

Crafted with care, this simple headband packs a big punch! Made by Us in our costume studio, this Kahlo-inspired hair accessory adds big, beautiful pink blooms to your beautifully-braided updo. Paired with a Frida costume, it will instantly help you look just like one of history's most beloved artists!

Art Imitates Life

Since so many of Frida's paintings were self-portraits, her flowered hair was memorialized time and time again. Enjoy looking the part to perfection with this gorgeous headband. Now go out there and change the world!