Sea Turtle Costume for Infants Discount

Sea Turtle Costume for Infants Discount

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Babe of the Sea

In the warm ocean currents, lots of creatures live and play in the blue waters. There are schools of fish that dart this way and that, crabs that scuttle along the ocean floor, and various sea plants that sway in the current. Among all of these creatures, the sea turtles zoom about, occasionally heading to the surface for air. Depending on the species, they might hunt other creatures, while others strictly eat plants. Others eat a little bit of everything! But each turtle is special and often adorable in their own way. Now you can dress your baby as the cutie of the sea in this Infant Sea Turtle Costume!

Product Details

This costume is designed to be cute, comfortable, and functional for both baby and accompanying adult. The underside of the shell is a wee bodysuit, printed to look like a leathery belly, with snaps around the legs for easy diaper changes. The shell, with its flippers and starry pattern, is removable and attaches with velcro type fasteners. The hood has big, wide eyes and is attached, so baby won't be able to pull it off and drop it.

Fun in the Waves

Now that your little turtle is dressed up, it's time to head out to sea! Are you taking some other kids trick or treating this year? Or perhaps you've been invited to a family costume party? No matter what the event, your little one will provide tropical and aquatic vibes with a dash of baby cuteness.