Toddler Circus Girl Ringmaster Costume Discount

Toddler Circus Girl Ringmaster Costume Discount
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Ladies and Gentlemen!

What a show we have for you tonight. You'll see feats that will make you gasp, holler, and cry in awe! Watch as a babysitter gives your four-year-old paints in the living room where you have just cleaned the carpet, don't look away ladies and gentlemen, no matter how much you might want to. That's right, your child does not spill even one drop on the white shag... amazing. Now, ladies and gentlemen, turn your attention to the kitchen. That's right, the very same talented four-year-old is using her talents to balance on a kitchen stool as she attempts to free the Graham Crackers from the top of the refrigerator. Will she fall and bump her noggin? Oh no! Her skills at balance and contortionism allow her to retrieve the snack unscathed!

There are all sorts of feats of strength and ability that parents don't see. Honestly, we should probably be grateful for what we don't know about. But why not celebrate the circus that goes on behind the scenes by giving your little one the big top position of Ringmaster. At the very least, this costume might stop her from attempting high-wire acrobatics!

Product Details

This Circus Girl Ringmaster Costume is ready for the show to begin as soon as it arrives! The dress has gold trim throughout from the bodice to the tulle. Traditional details such as the shining red tails, and tassels at the shoulders give this costume a timeless look. Topped off with a top hat attached to a headband, this costume is made for the spotlight!

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Are you ready for the show to start? This costume can easily be paired with a lion or strongman costume to create a group look for the whole family. In the meantime, prepare to be amazed by a show-stopping performance this Halloween!