Toddler Richard Simmons Costume Online sales

Toddler Richard Simmons Costume Online sales
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Workin' the Room

So your toddler is practically an aerobic master? We're not entirely surprised. After all, your kid does spend hours running around sofas, jumping up and down the stairs, climbing anything tall, and trying increasingly difficult dance moves. Even better? Your kid doesn't stop! It's like they've got an excess of energy to run around all day long and will never run out. Hmm, maybe this could be the beginning of another awesome exercise revolution!

Product Details

Though if your kid is going to start this, we might as well do it right. We'll bring all of our best sweatbands. And your kid? We'd recommend this offically licensed Toddler Richard Simmons Costume. There stretchy shorts, a red tank with "Sweat it Out" in sequins, and a curly brown wig. Your kid will look like the professional calorie-burner they are. Now, just turn on some golden oldies and we'll be good to exercise the day away. Just make sure those tennies are tied up tight!

An Aerobic Revolution

We can only imagine the calories your kid burns. Actually, we're kind of jealous. Your kid could probably eat a tub of ice cream and not gain an ounce thanks to all of that running around they do. Hey, maybe your kid could give us some pointers? Wait... they're a toddler? So they won't be able to give us any advice on calorie burning and consumption? Well, how about this: just let them do their thing, running around like a happy spastic puppy and we'll follow. And if they're trick-or-treating around the neighborhood, they'll spread their enthusiasm throughout the neighborhood. It won't be long until the rest of the neighborhood gets inspired as well. Maybe everyone will get together to do some aerobics at the next block party. It'll be like the best workout ever.